inventory in airline industry

Decision Making Process in Inventory in Airline Industry And Other Sectors

It’s not easy to implement any inventory control system. Many factors can affect the decision-making process be it inventory in airline industry or any other sector. So, before choosing an inventory control software solution, you have to consider these aspects:

  • The complexity of the fulfillment process
  • Size of your warehouse or stockroom
  • Your budget
  • Need for serialization, expiration, or lot date tracking
  • Your business’s internal technical expertise

Factors Affecting Decision Making Process in Inventory in Airline Industry & Other Sectors

The complexity of the fulfillment process

You’ll be requiring an advanced inventory control system as the complexity of your fulfillment process rises. Although there are other processes to focus on, it’s usually the most complex process when it comes to warehouse management. First-In-Out and Last-In-Out are two choosing methods usually utilized in a warehouse. Ensure you understand what is provided in inventory control software so that you can align your needs with the functionality offered by the software of your choosing. 

Size of stockroom or warehouse

The size can affect the number of areas. Large areas generally equate to larger inventory and a greater number of users. Real-time systems can be simpler to manage compared to a batch of systems when you have multiple users. In real-time systems, users go about their daily duties, receiving and shipping material. Transactions done on handheld computers are automatically saved in the database. 

However, in batch systems, users have to upload transactions after they are done. That means accessing a computer to dock the handheld computer so that you can upload the data. 


Many businesses set a spending limit for inventory control systems before they do their research. But, to be on the safer side, you should do your research on what is provided and then come up with a budget based on actual analysis. You don’t want to settle on a decision with a bias toward the short-term costs. Ensure you understand the ongoing support costs and fees. 

inventory in airline industry

Need for serialization, expiration, or lot date tracking

These inventory aspects are tied to the real inventory. And if any of these aspects are required, make sure that the inventory control system that you choose completely supports these aspects. If well-supported, these aspects will follow the inventory as it’s received, moved around, and then shipped from any warehouse. 

Business’s internal technical expertise

You need to consider if you have the in-house expertise to implement the daily use of the system or you’ll require hiring a resource. In this regard, choose a user-friendly system to keep your internal costs low. 


Inventory in airline industry or any business must be managed accurately. Inventory control systems come to help make work easier. Ensure you choose your inventory management system carefully. 

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