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Lamp Repairs Toronto – How to Inspect and Repair Table Lamps

If you have a table lamp that starts becoming faulty, then you may require the services of lamp repairs Toronto. The lamp normally has a switch, socket, and wiring that can cause an issue. Therefore, in this guide, we have listed a few simple steps that can help you to repair your table lamp.

Look for visible damages:

The first step is to look out for any visible damage on the lamp. For this purpose, you should unplug the lamp and check for damage to the cord and plug. If any of these two parts are damaged, then you should not be worried. It is very easy to replace both parts.

Remove the bulb and the shade:

For a closer inspection, it is necessary to remove the bulb, shade, and lamp cover Toronto. And in order to remove the harp of the lamp, you should squeeze the arms of the sleeves that have completely covered the harp holder. This will permit you to remove the harp. You should use your thumb and press the socket shell slightly above its base. After this step, you should unlock the clips that have bound the two pieces.

Lamp Repairs Toronto

Check if the cord has current or not:

For this step, you will need a continuity tester. You should clip the tester to the plug prongs in order to detect the current. Then you should make use of the pointed lead in order to check each of the screw terminals. After this, now you should repeat the process. If the tester light does not switch on for both tests, it means there is no need to replace the cord.

Test the socket:

In this test, you also need a continuity tester that you will clip to the threaded shell. Once you have done this, now use the other lead of the continuity tester in order to check the metal tab that is situated at the bottom of the socket. And after you have positioned both leads, now you have to turn on the switch.

Lamp Repairs Toronto:

You should check that the switch is in only one position or not. If it is in only one position, it means the tester light will be lightening up. The 3-way switch is an exception in which there are three “On” positions and only one “Off” position.

In this way, you will be able to do the lamp repairs Toronto on your own without requiring professional services. For more information visit our Website.

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