Interactive white board

Benefit of Using Interactive White Board for an Excellent Learning Process

Interactive whiteboards are a type of display connected to a projector and a computer. Interactive white board is also known as the IWB.

A computer desk is projected on a board by a projector, and a person uses a pen or other similar device to control the computer. Usually the board is attached to the wall.

Where are interactive whiteboards used?

The interactive whiteboard is used in classrooms, the business sector, broadcast studios, sports training rooms and many other areas.

The basic use of the board is to run software pre-installed on the connected computer, to control the computer and some whiteboards with special equipment, so the user can do surveys or quizzes and the feedback is stored on the board.

How can you use the interactive whiteboard?

The interactive whiteboard uses USB or Bluetooth to connect to a computer. The driver software is downloaded to the connected computer. Then each image is projected on a whiteboard by a computer.

For maximum use of the board, most of them are equipped with software that contains various tools.

Through this software, the user can create virtual flipovers. There are various options for using the compass, protractor, scale, highlighter and more.

Interactive white board


Different types of interactive whiteboards

There are many types of interactive whiteboards as for video conference solutions. One of them is touch. In such systems, only a finger or a pointer is used to control the planned material.

Here, a special layer is spread on the surface, which deforms at any pressure and thus comes into contact with the back plate.

The point of contact or point is then determined electronically. Touch is considered mouse activity.

Another type is a pen-based interactive whiteboard using electromagnetism. Includes a collection of threads embedded behind an interactive whiteboard. These wires, along with the spool located at the top of the stylus, determine its coordinates on the screen.

After pressing the stylus on the board, the switch on the pin is activated and the computer prompts you to click the mouse. This type of interactive whiteboard is used by designers and digital artists.

What are its disadvantages?

In addition to being very useful, interactive whiteboards have a big problem. The use of permanent markers can damage the surface of the boards because they are made of melamine.

The user cannot stand in front of the interactive white board screen because he will cast a shadow on the screen. However, they are more expensive than front projections and are larger in size. For more information visit our Website.

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