EVA virtual assistants

What Most People Don’t Know About EVA Virtual Assistants

The acronym EVA stands for an executive virtual assistant. As the name suggests, EVA virtual assistants refer to professionals that offer administrative services to customers virtually. In this blog, we’ll disclose essential skills you need to provide the best EVA assistance.

EVA virtual assistants

Notable Skills of an EVA Virtual Assistants

The truth is that all executive virtual assistance must have essential skills. Here is a list of some of these must-have skills.

  • Computer literacy skills: as mentioned earlier, an EVA assistant works remotely. For this reason, he has no choice but to be computer literate. He or she must be capable of processing documents accordingly.
  • Good communication skills: good EVA assistants must have good communication and writing skills. Remember that his principal responsibility is to offer administrative services to their clients.
  • Splendid multitasking skills: the reality is that all virtual assistants have multiple responsibilities. For this reason, they must be good at multitasking.
  • A virtual assistant possesses impeccable research skills: an executive virtual assistant should devise brilliant administration ideas.
  • Splendid time management skills: unfortunately, some of the duties of a virtual assistant are highly time-sensitive. For example, they ought to reply to emails and respond to calls promptly. Additionally, some assistants, such as virtual finance assistants, must keep updating the financial documents.

Duties of an EVA Assistant

At this point, let’s highlight some of the primary duties and responsibilities of an executive virtual assistant. Each assistant must fulfill all these responsibilities to appease their clients.

  • Scheduling meetings: a virtual assistant has a responsibility to schedule meetings if need be. That means that it’s their responsibility to engage the senior employees to determine the best time to schedule the meeting.
  • Prepare presentations: the role of an executive virtual assistant does not end at scheduling meetings. They also prepare reports, presentations, and spreadsheets before the meeting.
  • Answer calls and reply to emails: another notable responsibility is to answer calls and respond to emails. Such an assistant needs to respond to emails from customers and colleagues promptly to avoid inconveniencing them.
  • Conduct market research: since virtual assistants work online, they can perform market research for the customers. As mentioned before, every EVA assistant must be a good researcher.


Let’s be honest EVA assistants have become important members of society. Any startup worth its salt should not shy away from hiring a professional executive virtual assistant.

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