Different type of drug test during employment

Every employee who works with organizations wants to enjoy a good reputation. They want to be a reliable source and the drug tests come in their way of proving that. The employees who start new must know about these tests that they might be asked to take at a different time of their employment.

Most of the organizations do not involve in drug testing as effectively as others. It is mostly dependent on the type of work these organizations are involved in and the type of activities they undertake. There are many laws that require these organizations to conduct these timely tests to ensure workplace safety. There are also others who are really worried about their reputations and for brand, safety conducts these tests religiously. The marijuana testing is highly common at many companies that would want employees to perform their 100% and understand that smoking pot will come in the way.

What to know about these tests: Any new or old employee must be aware of the times they might be asked to take these tests. The idea is not to fool the employer but just to be aware of the policies.

  •         Pre-employment: This is a part of the recruitment process but in normal cases, it can be asked only when the formal letter has been made. Most of the regulated companies take this step to ensure consistency and safety.
  •         Random urine drug screen: This can be a scary situation but not an uncommon one. There are many companies that take these random tests which are not to catch the employees and create negative employment but as a measure to built an environment of drug safety. The constant fear makes the employee avoid the use of drugs.
  •         Under suspicion: If the employer has reasonable doubt by observation or complaints then they are free to request of a test. This is aimed at keeping the workplace drug free and ensures the quality of work delivered.
  •         Return to duty: If the employee is returning to duty then the employer might ask for a drug test. This is not mandatory by the law but if the situation requires then it is fairly common.

The urine drug screen is the most common way of testing the employees for tests. There are some organizations that resort to the blood test which is rare but not unheard of.

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