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How Birth Affirmation Can Change Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tough for every mother and it is very common for mother to feel tired and irritated all the time during the nine months of pregnancy. Even though pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences that women goes through during her lifetime but it can be also challenging at the same time.

One of the best ways to stay positive about birth and labor is, by practicing positive thoughts because if you keep reminding yourself of the good things during the nine months of pregnancy then you will most definitely be confident and positive about giving birth. These affirmations will become internalized and will help reduce the fear of birth.

So today we are going to talk about some of the ways in which birth affirmations have helped women across the world with childbirth and labor. Try these positive thoughts during the nine months and you will for sure see the difference at the end. Use these birth affirmations to change your pregnancy and birth experience in the following ways.

  • Use birth affirmations to fight the fearful thoughts in your mind

Thinking about only the positive sides of labor and childbirth ill help you fight all kinds of fearful thoughts in your mind. We know who mothers feel when they see childbirth documentaries and how fearful they get so avoid them and try to look at the positive sides. You can also make motivational cards for yourself to remind yourself of the good that is coming to you.

  • Connect with your baby through affirmations

You use positive affirmations such as I love my baby when you are sitting in the dark at night with your hand on your belly listening to the little heartbeat of your unborn child. Use positive affirmations to connect with the child and create a strong bond with him or her because in the end it will provide you strength and peace.

  • Visualize a positive image of your birth

Visualizing positive things is powerful tool. When you know what is going to happen during childbirth and you picture all of the good things such as hearing your baby cry for the first time, watching that little one for the first time and thinking of your cervix as a flower that blossoms a child. Thinking about all these positive images before childbirth will help you become stronger and more affirmative about the birth.

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