4 Must-To-Do Things in Telemarketing Fundraising

The Phone fundraising is a form of art when we talk about those for whom it does not produce any profit. You are supposed to attract the customers but cannot push them to give you money. Also, at the very same time, you cannot lie to them about the non-profit side of it because they will eventually know it and would not believe you next time. Here we have mentioned a few things that one should do during the phone fundraising.

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1.  Follow the Golden Rule

The golden rule that we all know that we should treat people in a way that we like ourselves to be treated. O, when you are running your phone fundraising, it is important that you keep in mind the fact that enough is enough when you contact people again and again. You should try your best, but not in a way that becomes frustrating for them by your contact with them again each day at the same time.

2.  Do not Use Bland Script

You should never use the bland script in order to convince people about your fundraising campaign. Normally, what most of the unsuccessful fundraising by phone or telemarketing companies do is that they use the same script over and over again that it becomes completely irrelevant and bogus for the people. It has to be kept in mind that you choose to deliver new things to them and in a different way as well. This will make your campaign more attractive and persuasive to them.

3.  Discuss Their Money Matters

The next thing to consider during your fundraising for telemarketing purposes is to maintain a clear picture in front of your clients or customers. They want to know that the money they are giving help to someone will be provided to the right people and for the right purpose for which it is collected. You need to give a straightforward statement to them and make sure they understand and pick your core ideas.

4.  Do not Focus Money Alone

When you are running your fundraising campaign, you are supposed to be very clear about the money matters. It has to be more focused on the purpose for which money is being collected than the money itself. It will ruin your purpose and the interest of people whom you are asking for.


The telemarketing fundraising is a hectic job and tricky as well because you have to keep the above points in mind to make it successful. 

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Ben Gardiner